crying_eye_by_dance_of_cobra-d3d9nou.jpg “I Used to Make Bread” is a blog by an ASD-PDA parent.  A parent who, having been forced to battle the state for the support her special needs children require, has been horrifically falsely accused, disregarded and discriminated against, by public servants, whose very job it is to provide resources for these children which they are legally entitled to.  Many such parents have fought these battles and continue to do so, many have also been falsely accused when they have done so.

This blog is about the effect of supporting children with significant difficulties, how hard that alone is, but how very much harder it is when you are treated like the enemy by the authorities. It’s a brutally honest account of the pain of life, of the detriment to self, when you are in this situation.  Read it and weep, or not.  But this is not a place for being angry at the parent who expresses this pain, it’s a real pain and I make no excuses for it.

The name of the blog represents the ‘shadow of the former self’ aspect, of how a special needs parent can end up through the cruelty of the system.  I did used to make bread, I used to make home-made pizzas, stuffed peppers, stews, yoghourt and all sorts – and I wanted to do so.  I no longer can, I am too shattered and broken and hanging on by my fingernails day-to-day.  Call it a ‘pity party’ if you like, but if you walked a day in my shoes, if you had experienced what I have, you would get it.